Arca Productions wants to interview Romanian nationals and people of Romanian heritage living in the United States and Canada. We attract leaders of the various Romanian Communities to further an understanding of our heritage to Romanians throughout North America. Our 30 minutes interview and presentation movie will be broadcasted on a National Television in Romania. Our long term vision is to bring us all into one global network, giving everyone a voice to provide a better future for Romanians everywhere.


We will shoot, produce, and broadcast documentaries, festivals, and presentation movies about Romanians living abroad and conduct interviews with local community leaders and politicians. Finally we will provide that necessary communication bridge between political leaders in Romania and Romanians in North America to provide for the needs of Romanians everywhere and foster inclusive decision-making on those things that affect our lives. We will forge the link between Romanians at home and those in North America so that, though we live in different countries, we can be strong as One People and One Nation. 




ARCA Productions advertised, produced and broadcasted  ROMANIAN SOCCER FESTIVAL in Las Vegas, Nevada and also built Rapid Las Vegas web site




We produced a presentation movie about the festival and an interview with and about Ovidiu Ene, the organizer of the Festival, which was broadcasted by TVR International.



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