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Presentation movies

Poiana Brasov - Romania

MDSA - Houston, USA

Globus Circus - Romania

Swiss Gold Global - Switzerland

Bucharest, Romania (Cinema Camera Test)


Landoz - Dubai, UAE

Dun Dun - Dubai, UAE

Elena Udrea - Election Campaign

Nescafe - Bucharest, Romania

Beko - Turkey

Charleroi - Paris, Milan

Pepsi Projection Mapping - Romania

Dr. Shiffa - Romania


Globus Circus Animation

Soccer TV Show

Ancient City 3D

Life TV News

Life TV Sport


3SE -  Courage

3SE -  Sunrise

Directia 5 - I need you

Directia 5 - You can dream

Directia 5 - My style

Directia 5 - With arms wide open

Directia 5 - Obsession


Destinul Dacilor - Circus Show

Magnatul - TV Show

The Little Paris - Cabaret Show

We think globally

We worked with partners from Europe (ARD, ZDF, Discovery Europe, MTV Europe, Romanian TV Stations) on commercials, live shows, infomercials for Speedfit LLC in the US (its products were endorsed by Jessica Simpson)...but the hardest clients were from Dubai...a sheik who owned a powdered milk and a diapers company. We were warned that he is the most demanding client ever. It was funny that after he saw Landoz commercial (see above) his only words were "Don't dare to touch it! It's perfect! How much do I owe you and when can you start the next? "


We would like to bring a new "flavor" to the American culture and its way of dealing with video production and advertising. We are sure that thinking globally and addressing a large amount of cultures and people we can bring your products or brand to a wider audience.


Your purpose is our purpose.


And we aim high...

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